Think You Have a Great Name, Think Again!

We have all heard of brands like Google, Cisco, Nike, Starbucks , and Lowe's. Have you ever wondered how these companies got a great name? You probably haven't heard of Ansearch , N-TRON, InSport International, Caribou Coffee, and Handy Andy. To me Ansearch sounds more like a search engine than [...]

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Using Web 2.0 Technology to Enable Strategic Selling: A Sales Executive Forum

I have had two interesting conversations with friends who are frustrated with some of the internal deficiencies within their companies. Both of my friends are accountants, but work for different firms and in different departments. However, they are both part of itinerant work forces and have the same problem. While [...]

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Planning Will Save a Software Startup Money

One of the best ways to save money is to plan ahead: as simply as possible while being explicit about assumptions, defining what constitutes minimum acceptable forward progress, and identifying what results would justify external investment. For an example see Guy Kawasaki's blog for Oct-1-2007: Financial Models for Underachievers: Two [...]

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Giving Thanks

It’s appropriate on Thanksgiving to think of the things we have to be grateful for. My short list: Health Family Friends Opportunity As an entrepreneur I am interested in getting something new done. But life is what happens while you are making other plans. I can sometimes get so focused [...]

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Find a Problem so Bad That People Pay You To Solve It and Let You Keep the Software

I came across a neat synthesis of how to approach bootstrapping a software company by consulting, courtesy of Bill Paseman's LinkedIn profile for his work from 1989-94 at Paseman & Associates (emphasis added): At Paseman and Associates, I looked for a business model that was self funding, market focused, and [...]

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Peter Drucker on Why Entrepreneurs Reject Unexpected Success

When Peter Drucker passed away in November of 2005, Inc. Magazine assembled collection of articles, book reviews, and interviews from their archives entitled "Peter Drucker: an Intellectual Compass" to honor his legacy. The first one listed is longtime editor-in-chief George Gendron's interview "Flashes of Genius" for the May 1996. Gendron's [...]

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Understanding vs. Mastery

"People tend to mistake understanding for mastery. Mastery is the ability to execute under pressure." Ford Harding "The secret for discovering the ability to focus all of our mental and physical energy on a single task is no secret at all: recall the concentration of a child at play." Edward [...]

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Your Pre-Viral Marketing Plan

Google’s acquisition of YouTube seems to have captured the imagination of a lot of entrepreneurs that we meet at various events, in particular everyone wants to start a consumer Internet or media oriented businesses based on “viral marketing.” Here are a couple of key questions to answer for your pre-viral [...]

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Dutch Business Breakfast at US Market Access Center

I had the opportunity to attend a "Dutch Business Breakfast" that morning. It was organized by the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency and held at the US Market Access Center. There were three speakers who addressed the challenges of European firms coming to Silicon Valley, followed by individual presentations by about [...]

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