Crucial Marketing Concepts for Technology Introduction at SF Bay ACM Wrap-up

So last night’s talk at the SF Bay ACM on “Crucial Marketing Concepts for Technology Introduction” was a blast. If you missed it we didn’t hand out slides but we did hand out copies of the short form of the Crucial Marketing Concepts article. It was a very technical audience, almost entirely software engineers and software engineering managers (at least by show of hands). They made made it a very interactive session, which I truly enjoy. About half of the audience we regular attendees and half were first timers.

I got to meet Greg Weinstein, who was a great emcee, and Liz Fraley, who keep things in order at the front door. We gave away two copies of our “Mapping the Path from Idea to Revenue” workbook and a copy of Steve Pressfield‘s “The War of Art: Break Through Block and Win Your Inner Creative Battles” offering both a nuts and bolts and an “inner game” perspective on finding customers in a startup.

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