Free Small Business eNewsletter From IRS

e-News for Small Businesses is a free electronic mail service designed to provide tax information for small business owners and self-employed individuals. Subscribers receive information about important upcoming tax dates for SB/SE customers, what's new for small businesses on the IRS Web site, reminders and tips to assist small businesses [...]

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ANZA Tech’s Gateway to the US Summit: Marketing Business Forum

While at the ANZA Technology Network - 2007 Gateway to the US Summit, I attended the Marketing Business Forum panel discussion. This was a question and answer session on how emerging technology companies can gain traction using innovative marketing tools and tactics. The moderator: Chris Shipley, Co-Founder & Editorial Director, [...]

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Is Blogging Worthwhile?

Here is one question I get asked all the time: Is Blogging worthwhile way to promote your business or just a big, newfangled time suck? Our short answer is that you need a website for your business: one of the easiest ways to manage it and keep it up to [...]

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Joseph A. Murphy (1925-2007)

My father died suddenly of a heart attack at home in St. Louis last night with my mother and brother present. He had been to see his internist that morning and gotten a clean bill of health. He would have been 82 in a week. […]

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Social Networks for Running your Business

Here are the social networks I participate in. I find them a good source for practical advice for running my business. LinkedIn Intuit's Jumpup Bank of America Small Business Bootstrappers Breakfast Check me out, my screen name is tshafer.

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SaaS Blurs Traditional Software Startup Roles

SaaS business models are proven and and gaining wide adoption. However they come with new issues: shorter release cycles, blurring of development team roles, and the need for new internal reporting and management controls now that you are responsible for the customers application infrastructure. Your development, support, sales, and product [...]

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GABA Panel on Communication

I will be a panelist for a GABA event on "Communications Today: Blogs, Email Etiquette and More" that will be held tomorrow night at SAP, Hillview Avenue, Palo Alto CA 94304; the event starts at 6:30 with networking--complimentary appetizers, beer, wine and soft drinks will be served--and the formal program [...]

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Triples, Inspired by Dorai Thodla

Inspired by Dorai Thodla's "Triples and Congruence." Budget, Quality, Time (project parameters aka "Iron triangle" pick any two, solve for third) Expert/Technician, Manager, Entrepreneur (E-Myth roles in a business) Beginning, Middle, End (elements of a story) Early Adopters, Mainstream, Laggards (measures of risk aversion in a population) Team, Technology, Traction [...]

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