Triples, Inspired by Dorai Thodla

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Inspired by Dorai Thodla’s “Triples and Congruence.

  • Budget, Quality, Time
    (project parameters aka “Iron triangle” pick any two, solve for third)
  • Expert/Technician, Manager, Entrepreneur
    (E-Myth roles in a business)
  • Beginning, Middle, End
    (elements of a story)
  • Early Adopters, Mainstream, Laggards
    (measures of risk aversion in a population)
  • Team, Technology, Traction
    (VC tests for quality of a business plan)
  • Men, Money, Machines
    (old business model formulation)
  • Financial, Intellectual, Social
    (three key forms of capital)

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  1. Dorai Thodla October 19, 2007 at 5:54 am

    Pretty cool. I will update my post with this link.


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