I will be giving a presentation next week at the SF Bay ACM on “Crucial Marketing Concepts for Technology Introduction.

The event starts at 6:30 next Wednesday, November 14. It will be held in the Oak Room of Bldg 48 at Hewlett Packard, which is at the corner of Pruneridge and Wolfe in Cupertino (or 19447 Pruneridge Ave., Cupertino, CA 95014 for those Googling along at home). There is no charge for the event, it’s optionally $10 to join SF Bay ACM for a year.
The talk will address several key concepts:

  • The S-curve: the yield curve for investment in a new technology.
  • The Technology Adoption Life Cycle: why early adopters have little influence on pragmatic and mainstream users for technology products.
  • Focus: why new technologies typically find early adopters in a niche
  • Whole Product: why technologies typically don’t break out of a niche until they are part of a “Whole Product”
  • Sources of innovation: how to search systematically for opportunities.

If you are in a startup, thinking about doing a startup, or working in a more established firm that’s lost the recipe for new technology introduction, this would be an evening well spent. You will leave with an overview of a number of key concepts and rules of thumb for successful innovation.