Express ROI In Terms Your Prospect Will Understand

Peter Cohan makes the following points in his Great Demo! Seminar

  • C level execs think in terms of dollars (budget)
  • Managers think in terms of people and full time equivalents (FTE).
  • Individual contributors think in terms of time spent vs. time saved

So it pays to express the benefits of your application accordingly. There may be a few more dimensions we sometimes consider:

  • Scrap and re-work: process oriented folks can focus on this, quality assurance as well if they aren’t considering just errors.
  • Cycle time can also appeal to folks who understand how a more agile organization can win business and more rapidly respond to customers, events, and competitors.
  • An existing cost stream. Especially in an uncertain economy, it’s always best to attack a cost stream that is real. Future revenues are a possibility, costs, especially recurring costs, are a tangible reality.

Note: we have another Great Demo! seminar coming up Saturday March 8 at the Moorpark Hotel in San Jose (near 280 and Saratoga Ave). If you’ve been before (or you want to stay for the afternoon) we are offering an advanced topics session from 1-5 PM at the same location.

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