Need a Conference Room?

For Silicon Valley our favorite location to meet clients is American Executive Center. Depending on the requirements for the meeting we use a number of places outlined at meeting locations. Full Calendar is another great source for meeting venues. It's a great list and far more encompassing than ours. Enter [...]

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Life Is Too Short

A couple of interesting variations on a theme around "life is too short" for entrepreneurs. "Life is too short to work at a job you hate, but everyone has to do something someone else is willing to pay them for." Sid Emmert h/t Richard Bowles (redorb in a Hacker News [...]

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Chess Quotes for Entrepreneurs

Some chess quotes for entrepreneurs. You can follow @skmurphy to get these quotes for entrepreneurs hot off the mojo wire or wait until the end of the month when they are collected on the blog. Enter your E-mail if you would like Feedburner to deliver new blog posts to your [...]

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Andrew Olmsted’s Final Post

As Silicon Valley's economy slows down and expense controls transmute into layoff notices, it's good to remember what real problems are. Major Andrew Olmsted was killed in Iraq on Jan. 3, 2008. Olmsted was a blogger who left behind a post for posthumous publication. I am excerpting a couple of [...]

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Quotes for Founders

Inspired by Dharmesh Shah I have also started to post these quotes for founders irregularly to my Twitter account. But to save you from having to add one more time sucking application that would take you away from your E-mail I will also be posting them in batches (at the [...]

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Feedback From Today’s SaaS Roundtable

We hosted a roundtable on SaaS sales issues today at Plug and Play in Sunnyvale over lunch. Here are some quotes I pulled off of our feedback cards: Good Discussion, interesting models discussed. Further info separating metrics from models would be helpful in fueling discussion. Great Roundtable. Lengthen the time. [...]

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