Feedback From Today’s SaaS Roundtable

We hosted a roundtable on SaaS sales issues today at Plug and Play in Sunnyvale over lunch. Here are some quotes I pulled off of our feedback cards:

  • Good Discussion, interesting models discussed.
  • Further info separating metrics from models would be helpful in fueling discussion.
  • Great Roundtable. Lengthen the time.
  • Well moderated, very on point.
  • Discussion was useful.
  • Good format and without a sales pitch.
  • SaaS is a great topic, I would be interested in other aspects, e.g. business models.
  • Well presented, good interaction

We had a 90 minute facilitated discussion with a couple of slides to help spur conversation and some informal networking afterward for about 30 minutes. It was very enjoyable. We have been shooting for one of these a quarter, we will probably do another one in July/August depending upon what else comes up.

Next Friday we have a Getting More Customers workshop in a new venue in Redwood Shores, the FortisGC folks have graciously allowed us to use their main conference room. Front row seats still available.

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