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I checked out some software demos on Youtube. There are all types. But here are a couple I want to talk about.

First the bad … Nokia N800 Internet Tablet … Reggie Suplido of Internet Tablet Talk takes a look at the software that comes pre-installed on the new Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

Next the good … Bling! It Photography Software … A quick look at how to use Bling It to remove unwanted backgrounds in your photographs by Cindy Shebley.

A couple of difference worth talking about.

  • The bad–even worse than the video quality–is the litany of features. Reggie starts at one end and just goes with no thought to his viewers. Also, while the side by side comparison was interesting, instead of holding the tablet, why not down lay it flat and get the focus fixed and steady.
  • The good: Cindy spends time up front on who should watch the video and why. Then she walks you through how you would use her product to get something done. She does not list product features because she understands that customers are buying her product to get something done.

Before you make a software demo for YouTube, check out Peter Cohan’s Great Demo Webinar If you are interested in an interactive class with him, space is still available for the class on Saturday September 13, 2008.

2 thoughts on “Software Demos on YouTube”

  1. This is interesting. It seems on the bad side, people are reading their news releases into a camera, which shows just how bad their news releases are. On the other hand, the good video screens out the audience at the beginning, which is what social media is all about.

  2. Theresa, thanks for the nice review of my YouTube video on Bling! It – I appreciate the mention. When I received a review copy of the software I was so taken with it I did the YouTube demo, I guess that enthusiasm showed.
    If Peter ever comes to the Seattle area I\’ll be one of the first to attend his seminar. There\’s always room for improvement!
    Thanks again,
    Cindy Shebley

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