Quotes for Entrepreneurs – August 2008

Continuing my twitter experiment from April, May, June, and July I have continued to select a quote every couple of days that I believe is applicable to the challenges of entrepreneurship. I collect these quotes for entrepreneurs into a blog post at the end of the month. Enter your E-mail [...]

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Entrepreneurial Ideas

Robert May concludes his post on "Entrepreneurship: Don't Drink the Kool-Aid" with the following If you want to be an entrepreneur, stop believing that ideas matter. That isn't what entrepreneurship is about. Entrepreneurs aren't idea people, everybody and their brother has ideas. Entrepreneurs are people that exploit ideas by matching [...]

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Networking and Referrals

This is a guest post on networking and referrals by Steve Moore of SPMSolutions. Networking and Referrals Networking and referrals continue to be the primary marketing strategy for many community-based small businesses (especially those with limited budgets). In contrast, many technology-oriented small businesses rely more upon on-line forums, social networking [...]

Why Did You Start Your Business?

Last week I attended Marketing Strategies in a Down Economy by Steve Moore. Steve stressed the importance of why you are different than your competition. One key differential can just be the reason why you started your business: what is the passion you bring to this business? Following that meeting, [...]

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5 Mistakes CEOs Make In Demos

I am always surprised by how many basic mistakes CEOs make when giving demos. Learn to avoid them at Cohan's Great Demo workshop. Starting the demo with your company history ... who cares? Too many bullets on one slide. See Guy Kawasaki's 10/20/30 Rule of Powerpoint "Why I should care [...]

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“The Check is NOT in the Mail” this Friday at Bootstrappers Breakfast

At a Bootstrappers Breakfast you can: Take part in a serious roundtable conversation among bootstrapping entrepreneurs Compare notes and exchange ideas Learn from others' mistakes Find potential business partners and co-founders The Check Is Not In The Mail Len Sklar joins us in Milpitas this Friday, he will make a short [...]

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