“The Check is NOT in the Mail” this Friday at Bootstrappers Breakfast

Len Sklar offer insights at the next Bootstrappers Breakfast on why the “Check is NOT in the Mail” and answers questions on credit policies.

“The Check is NOT in the Mail” at Bootstrappers Breakfast

CheckNOTInMail Len Sklar joins us in Milpitas this Friday, he will make a short presentation on why “The Check is Not in the Mail” and answer questions on effective approaches to getting paid in full, on time, at less cost and without losing valued customers.

Len came to our March 7 breakfast and facilitated some very well received interactive exercises: several bootstrappers in turn took the role of a delinquent customer and Len demonstrated a variety of low key techniques to move beyond a current deadlock.

One of the key points he made was that you have to prevent payment issues before they start by being clear in writing about your credit terms and polite but no-nonsense once a slow payment situation starts to occur.  To many entrepreneurs are afraid to pick up the phone and see if it’s a quality problem or a slow payment problem, letting the situation fester until they become angry and less effective or staying ignorant of real defect in their offering that need to be addressed.

Here are some comments from Amazon reviews:

“Author Leonard Sklar knows his stuff. As well as ‘what to do’, Sklar is right on in covering the areas ‘you shouldn’t go’, or more particularly, waste your time.”

“Definitely a great read/reference for the beginning entrepreneur. I’ve learned quite a bit from it.”

“Any small business owner has faced reluctant-to-pay-in-full clients. Author Leonard Sklar has some great tips about asking for money firmly without pissing people off–which often is enough to get them to pay in full.”

Bootstrappers Breakfast Friday Aug 8

Compare notes with entrepreneurs who eat problems for breakfast.RSVP and bring your questions Friday August 8 to the Bootstrappers Breakfast.

  • Take part in a serious roundtable conversation among bootstrapping entrepreneurs
  • Compare notes and exchange ideas
  • Learn from others’ mistakes
  • Find potential business partners and co-founders

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