Herb Reiter Interview on Fostering Static Timing Analysis Adoption

I have followed Herb Reiter's consulting career over the last five years or so:  there aren't very many business development consultants who work with EDA firms, fewer who have the mix of semiconductor and design background that Herb accumulated on the way to honing his business development expertise. He is [...]

Quotes for Entrepreneurs–September 2008

Continuing my twitter experiment I have selected a quote every couple of days that I believe is applicable to the challenges of entrepreneurship. At the end of the month I collect these quotes for entrepreneurs into a blog post. Enter your E-mail if you would like Feedburner to deliver new [...]

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Financial Modeling for Startups Workshop–Early Bird Ends Tomorrow

Update Tue-Sep-23: Sold Out, No Walk-ins. We will offer it again: you can sign-up to be notified of upcoming workshops We just finished our last rehearsal for next Wednesday's (Sep-24) "Financial Modeling for Startups" workshop we are doing jointly with Nathan Beckord of Venture Archetypes. I think it will be [...]

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Good Blogging is Good Linking

I have been reading too many blog entries lately where the authors don't seem to realize that they are writing hypertext and can link to their referenced content, or do a poor job of using links. A good blog entry leverages the fact that it's HTML and can link to [...]

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Software Demos on YouTube

I checked out some software demos on Youtube. There are all types. But here are a couple I want to talk about. First the bad ... Nokia N800 Internet Tablet ... Reggie Suplido of Internet Tablet Talk takes a look at the software that comes pre-installed on the new Nokia [...]

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