Financial Modeling for Startups Workshop–Early Bird Ends Tomorrow

Update Tue-Sep-23: Sold Out, No Walk-ins. We will offer it again: you can sign-up to be notified of upcoming workshops

We just finished our last rehearsal for next Wednesday’s (Sep-24) “Financial Modeling for Startups” workshop we are doing jointly with Nathan Beckord of Venture Archetypes. I think it will be a good lunch and learn opportunity (of course I am biased).

The workshop attempts to offer an approach for modeling your start-up that spans bootstrapping and developing a business plan that merits investment. Nathan addresses the first question that many entrepreneurs have about developing a financial plan: Why Bother?

  • A good financial model is an operating plan and roadmap for your business…sales targets, hiring plan, marketing, etc…
  • A financial model is a framework for thinking through key assumptions regarding growth rates, pricing, costs, etc
  • A good financial model is a mark of credibility and can help convince investors of the overall potential of your opportunity
  • A well thought out financial model gives you an idea of how much money you need to raise and when, as well as overall ROI.

It’s an interesting mix of topics that address the needs of teams that are bootstrapping and want a roadmap as well as teams that are preparing to seek outside investment:

  • Philosophy of Modeling: Top Ten To-Do’s
  • Getting Started: Revenue Build-Up
  • Cracking The Pricing Code
  • Prospect’s View of Cost
  • Product Mix Strategies
  • Forecasting Expenses
  • Hiring Plan Hat Chart
  • Roll It Up and Analyzing It
  • Adjusting Forecasts for the Real World
  • Pitching the Numbers

It’s only $20 if you sign up by tomorrow and includes lunch. It’s Wed. Sept. 24 at 11:30 to 1 at Plug & Play, more details and registration here.

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