Crossing the Chasm Using Cartoon Physics

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My younger son and I were walking across the field to soccer practice over the weekend when he told me “Papa, I know why cartoon characters are able to walk across the chasm without falling.”

Entire books have been devoted to Crossing the Chasm, but I wanted to make sure we were both talking about the same thing.

“You mean walk off a cliff, walk on air without falling, and get to the other side?” I asked.

“Yes! Do you know how they do it?” he said, barely able to avoid giving me the truth before I gave my answer.

“How?” You have to be the straight man.

“They don’t look down!”

And because I spend most of my time in an entrepreneurial frame of reference I thought, what a great metaphor for most start-ups. If they knew how hard it would actually be and what the odds were, fewer would attempt it. Many succeed by focusing on the goal, not the risks.

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