3 Reasons to Attend a Website Peer Review

We have done three other events like this in conjunction with sponsoring organizations like Innovation Denmark, SDForum, or Startup Epicenter. Participants have told us that they had three benefits.

  1. In reviewing another firm’s website and providing concrete feedback, they developed new perspectives on how prospects and other visitors might assess their own site.
  2. There are always so many things that can be done to improve a website it can be an endless sinkhole of time. Helping a peer with their site helped them identify the most important improvements to make next. Also some of the feedback provided by fellow CEOs were directly applicable to their own.
  3. They learned about a number of free and low cost tools and resources that are available for website design and analysis.

SKMurphy’s Website Peer Review
Friday April 17, 2009
11:30am – 1pm
Play n Plug, Sunnyvale

This event is open to all. There are two ways to participate: presenter or reviewer. For more information see https://www.skmurphy.com/blog/2009/02/22/skmurphys-peer-review-for-websites-set-for-april-17/

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