SKMurphy’s Peer Review for Websites Set for April 17

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Looking for feedback on your website?
Want to improve your website?

When: Friday April 17, 2009 11:30 AM -1PM (Lunch Included)
Where: Plug & Play Tech Center 440 N Wolfe Rd Sunnyvale, California 94085
SKMurphy will host an upcoming Peer Review Event for Websites. Three fellow CEOs will present their website while the roundtable will provide feedback. This event is open to all. There are two ways to participate:

Websites may be public or private beta, but we will send out the URL to all attendees in advance.
Costs (includes lunch):

  • Presenter $66 (Discount if you attend previous Peer Reviews as a reviewer, we will credit up to 2 sessions)
  • Roundtable Reviewer: Early Registration $22 Before April 8, $30 until event.

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  1. Terry Frazier February 24, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    Interesting idea. I haven’t seen this offered in a roundtable format before. I’m looking forward to seeing what sort of participation you get.

  2. […] This event is open to all. There are two ways to participate: presenter or reviewer. For more information see […]

  3. […] We are facilitating another website peer review Thursday June 11 at PATCA. At our April 17 website peer review, we were asked by Jerry Rice to produce a similar event for PATCA and were happy to oblige. Theresa is a member of PATCA and regularly attends their events. She blogged about “Three Reasons to Attend a Website Peer Review” in April and her points are still valid: We have done three other events like this in conjunction with sponsoring organizations like Innovation Denmark, SDForum, or Startup Epicenter. Participants have told us that they had three benefits. […]

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