If Revenue is Drying Up

You are not alone. We talk to firms every day that are challenged by the current economic environment. Let me suggest a couple of things you can do: Come to a Bootstrappers Breakfast™ and compare notes with other bootstrapping entrepreneurs for the price of your breakfast. We host four a [...]

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SKMurphy Events in March & April 2009

Here are a couple of upcoming events that you will not want to miss! March 19 “Leveraging Your Referral Network to Grow Your Business” A Bay Area Business Growth Meetup, this briefing includes a referral exercise to help you make the most of your existing network and present a model [...]

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Be Here Now When Giving a Talk

Be Here Now When Giving a Talk I spent Monday through Wednesday of this week at O'Reilly ETech and was struck by how infrequently the audience met the presenter's expectations. We rarely seemed to be large enough. Since this is about emerging trends I picked a number of oddball sessions [...]

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Public Domain Images for Presentations and Websites

Here's a couple of sources for free public domain photo, clipart, cartoons and images. They are royalty free, not copy-righted and available for personal and commercial use. These stock photos are high resolution and high enough quality for print and websites. www.publicdomainpictures.net www.public-domain-image.com www.pdphoto.org www.unclesamsphotos.com However, keep in mind: You [...]

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