Quotes for Entrepreneurs – April 2009

It’s been a year since I started using Twitter to post quotes for entrepreneurs. I realize now that using Twitter, while encouraging me to collect more new quotes, forces me to focus on ones that will fit into a 140 character limit. I am thinking of retitling this “Pithy Quotes [...]

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Conway’s Law: the Co-Evolution of Business Organization and Product Design

Bruce Sterling in a 1994 speech "The Virtual City" made some interesting points about the interaction between the co-evolution of communication technology and cities. The telegraph, and the telephone, which followed on its heels in about forty years, made the urban skyscraper possible. Not physically possible -- the skyscraper was [...]

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Five Output Formats to Support

Some output formats to consider your application, they each have different properties and affordances and are not easily substituted for each other : Screen E-Mail Projector Print Fax Screen Most common way that users will interact in everyday use. This is how many prospects will view the product. E-mail output [...]

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A Too Common Conversation of Late

Layoffs continue to encourage old friends and co-workers to reconnect and many to consider--somewhat involuntarily--an entrepreneurial phase for their next career move. I spoke to three people today who had been laid off in the last month or so. Here is the summary of some key suggestions the three conversations: [...]

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3 Reasons to Attend a Website Peer Review

We have done three other events like this in conjunction with sponsoring organizations like Innovation Denmark, SDForum, or Startup Epicenter. Participants have told us that they had three benefits. In reviewing another firm's website and providing concrete feedback, they developed new perspectives on how prospects and other visitors might assess [...]

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