What To Do After the Layoff Fairy Taps You on the Shoulder

Building on yesterday’s “A Too Common Conversation of Late”  here are some additional suggestions and advice for the newly unemployed.

The loss of structure can be crippling. Get active and stay active.

Unplug your television and visit the library. Make a list and read 5-10 books a month.

Reconnect with old friends at least once a day. Schedule breakfasts with folks or find a reason to get out of bed first thing in the morning.

Vacation is over. You’ve had your two weeks off. You can only look for work perhaps 1-2 hours a day actively in the absence of getting invited in for an interview. That leaves you with 12-14 hours a day to volunteer, take a part time job, or otherwise structure your time.

Stay connected with people. Join a job search group or two: only other people who are looking for work can truly appreciate the emotional roller coaster you are on.

Think about starting your own company.

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