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We had a great “Getting More Customers” workshop yesterday. It was our first time using the Pacific Business Centers location in Palo Alto and it worked out well. We used their boardroom and it made for a comfortable setting. This was the first time we’ve used a large flat screen TV monitor instead of an LCD projector, it worked fine–and it puts out much less heat than a projector over four hours, which was made it a little more comfortable.
We passed out feedback cards, here are a representative sample of comments on how attendees felt:

  • Well organized. Liked having handouts for all slides so I didn’t have to take notes. Liked the roundtable discussion.
  • Great seminar! this was helpful for me in two ways:
    • It quickly outlined many different techniques that can be used to help attract customers.
    • It “forced” me to sit down and focus on two areas to attack and generate some usable measurable milestones. Thanks!
  • Coming from a tech background and being new to bizdev areas, this was immensely helpful. I feel empowered!
  • Liked focus on key elements and action items. There was useful information on tools and processes. I learned from listening to other attendees 90 day plans.
  • Great workshop!  A lot to digest but very good ideas. I am re-inspired!
  • Specific market identification at the beginning was very useful, as well as having us consider the most effective manner to reach it. A number of different methods were presented that were inexpensive. Leaving with an action plan was a plus.
  • Very insightful–especially in having me think about customer pain. Very good resources in the workbook.

Paul Moriarty was an attendee and left this comment on twitter just after the class, which was very nice.

Just got back from a seminar on getting more customers with 2 strategies and a 90-day action plan. SKMurphy rocks! 

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