Feedback from Sat-Oct-24 “Getting More Customers”

We had a good “Getting More Customers” workshop today, here is the feedback that we gathered and a heads-up on some plans for 2010. We added three numeric ratings to our feedback form this time (which shrank the space for comments).
Numeric Ratings (1 Poor to 5 Excellent)

  • Importance of Topic: 4.75
  • Content: 4.75
  • Quality of Speaker: 4.75

Comments (here are comments from Mar-31-2009 workshop)

  • “Too much text–overwhelming.”
  • “A bit fast, exercises and group discussion held us accountable, which is good.”
  • “It’s very direct and to the point with an action plan to follow, keeping it simple.”
  • “Nice wake up call.”
  • “I picked up a number of ideas I can employ. I was impressed.”

We announced at the end of the workshop that we will be offering a new format next year, a small group format that meets for 90 minutes a week for six sessions. Our plan is to provide support in both an individual and small group setting for focused execution of half of the one page plan that entrepreneurs develop at a workshop. For early stage startups we think having peer entrepreneurs in a small group will act like “workout buddies” to help them to follow through on the plans that they have made for improving their businesses.

We had a couple of folks who had conflicts and we are considering scheduling another “Getting More Customers” class before the end of 2009. If that would be of interest to you, or this new six week small group program sounds like a good fit, please contact us or sign-up to be notified of upcoming events.

1 thought on “Feedback from Sat-Oct-24 “Getting More Customers””

  1. You need to give a reference point for the numeric rankings:
    4.5 out of 5?
    4.5 out of 10?

    It\’s a five point scale, I have clarified in the post. Thanks./SeanM

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