Getting More Customers – A 90-day Plan

Update Tue-Oct-20: we are sold out, no walk-ins accepted. Saturday October 24 8:15 AM - 1:00 PM (Lunch Included) Pacific Business Center 1250 Oakmead Pkwy Suite 210 Sunnyvale, CA 94085 (408) 501-8800 Click here to Register: We will cover a variety of proven marketing techniques for growing your business: [...]

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Reminder: Limits of “I Will Know It When I See It” at SFBay ACM Sep-16-2009

Just a reminder I am speaking tomorrow night at the SFBay ACM on "The Limits of 'I Will Know It When I See It" tomorrow night, Wednesday September 16, at 6:30pm. More information here Location: Hewlett Packard, Oak Room Auditorium Bldg. 48, 19447 Pruneridge Ave, Cupertino, CA 95014 Cost: [...]

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Take a Minute to Recall 8 Years Ago Part 2

I came across a great way to translate 9/11 memories into action by James Lileks in Brian Dunbar's "Remember" Remember. But move forward, too. Light a candle, yes. But also drive a rivet. It's from a longer post Lileks wrote on Sep-13-2004 looking back on 9/11. Here are the closing [...]

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Take a Minute to Recall 8 Years Ago

It's hard to remember a state of complete confusion. I had dropped my boys off at school and was listening to one of least funny morning comedy routines that I had heard in a while. Something about the airport but I couldn't make any sense of it. We were scheduled [...]

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Send Personal E-Mail

I blogged about mass E-Mails in "Please Take Me Off Of Your E-Mail Distribution List" in Sep-2007 but I got the following E-Mail recently which gave me some pause (names change to protect the repentant). Hi Sean, How is your summer going? Things are going great here at [XYZ Co]--in [...]

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