Bootstrapper’s Breakfast Announces Roundtable Conversation on Early Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

SAN FRANCISCO, Sean Murphy, CEO of SKMurphy, Inc., will speak at Bootstrappers Breakfast® August 21, 2009 in San Francisco. 'Join other entrepreneurs who eat problems for breakfast' on August 21, 2009 at Boudin Bakery, 4 Embarcadero Center at 7:30 a.m. Sean will lead a roundtable discussion on Early Mistakes Entrepreneurs [...]

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Project Health BoF at DAC2009 Recap

A couple of high level impressions. Here my notes from the "Managing Project Health" BoF at DAC 2009. After sitting through the presentations back to back I saw the outline of a four layer model for design management data stability - essentially what companies like Cliosoft or open source tools [...]

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DAC 2009 Blog Coverage Roundup

See DAC 2010 Blog Coverage Roundup for 2010 Roundup. Sunday Events Daniel Payne on  Sunday at DAC - What really happens in the Press Room? Grant Martin on "Day 0 of DAC...Welcome Reception" Richard Goering on "Gary Smith's Prescription for Explosive Growth" Frank Schirrmeister on "#46DAC Is On The Way...With [...]

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Bouncing Back

Bouncing back from a setback is a challenge that entrepreneurs need to navigate repeatedly. Bouncing Back On Hacker News about 18 months ago someone posted a question on "Dealing with Post Startup Depression" that read I recently shut down my first startup ever. I am having a really tough time [...]

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