Three Roundtables on Global Teams at Design Automation Conference

I blogged about some "Opportunities for Serious Conversation at DAC 2009" and wanted to fill in some details Mon 10:30-11:00 at Synopsys’ Conversation Central “Global Teams and Multi-Firm Collaboration” Tue 10:30-11:00 at Synopsys’ Conversation Central “Global Teams and Multi-Firm Collaboration” Wed 10:30-11:00 at Synopsys’ Conversation Central “Global Teams and Multi-Firm [...]

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1994 List of Net Resources for the EDA User

May 11, 1994 I published this "List of Net Resources for the EDA User" in "Radio Free CAD CAE Issue 4" gopher 70 for SIGDA Archives e-mail for ACM (SIGDA parent) membership info ftp for IEEE membership info gopher for IEEE membership info e-mail for [...]

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Sign-up for Software Startup Checklist Seminar at Silicon Valley Code Camp

With Athol Foden's encouragement I have submitted the following session (links added) for this year's Silicon Valley Code Camp: Software Startup Maturity Checklist This session is for both aspiring and active entrepreneurs. We will walk through a 36 point checklist that covers Product Development, Customer Development, and Business Operations. You [...]

The Limits of “I Will Know It When I See It”

Both engineering and entrepreneurship alternate exploration and verification cycles to develop a solution that satisfies a customer’s need. Both of these rely on the scientific method of “observation, hypothesis formation, prediction, and experimentation” to develop and validate testable theories, engineering solutions, and profitable products. Both require that a new configuration [...]

EDA Bloggers 2009

This is an update of my May 28, 2008 post "Bloggers Covering Design Automation" which I have subsequently updated in place approximately every two weeks for the last 13 months. The list was originally about 60 and has grown since then. At the time I started tracking blogs, neither Cadence [...]

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Founders vs. Employees

Abishek Desai wrote an interesting post in April of 2008 "What Happens With People Having No Aim?" that I commented on (it appears that he has changed blogging systems and lost comments from his older posts) and I came across my answer and thought it would make a nice short [...]

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