EDA Bloggers 2009

This is an update of my May 28, 2008 post “Bloggers Covering Design Automation” which I have subsequently updated in place approximately every two weeks for the last 13 months. The list was originally about 60 and has grown since then. At the time I started tracking blogs, neither Cadence nor Mentor had started their blogging communities. On July 22, 2008 I added the Cadence blogging community to the list and blogged about “What Happens When 70 EDA Blogs Become 500 in 2011.“There have been enough posts by individual bloggers in these community that it makes sense to break them out.

If you are an EDA blogger there is also an edabloggers Yahoo Group you can sign up for if you want to be notified of events and other developments, it’s been used in the last year to arrange the Bloggers’ BoF at ICCAD. There are a number of activities at DAC for bloggers, many are related to the Synopsys Conversation Central.

Some notes on how this list is organized:

  • An alphabetical list was somewhat useful at 60, it’s not very useful now and will be useless at 500, which is where I think we will be in another two years. I am open to suggestions and offers to collaborate.
  • For bloggers using their name (e.g. members of Cadence Blogging Community) I alphabetize by last name (which is at variance with their practice of alphabetizing by first name but generally accepted almost everywhere else). I have also gone back and alphabetized blogs that are a person’s name by last name as well to be consistent
  • For blogs beginning with “The” I sort by next word
  • I will update this entry in place at leas through the end of the year
  • I will leave a blog on the list for up to a year after the last post if there is good content in the archives.

I have not included about half a dozen blogs are are simply press release aggregators. Five companies have blogging communities now: Cadence, Mathworks, Mentor, Synopsys, and Verilab. I have identified bloggers who are a member of each.

  1. David Abercrombie (Mentor Community Blogger)
  2. Absolute Power (Synopsys Blogging Community)
  3. Achilles Test
  4. Adventures in ASIC Digital Design
  5. All About EDA
  6. Tom Anderson (Cadence Community Blogger)
  7. Amdahl’s Law
  8. Anablog
  9. Analog Insights (Synopsys Blogging Community)
  10. Analog Rails News
  11. Jason Andrews (Cadence Community Blogger)
  12. ASIC Digital Arithmetic
  13. ASIC-System On Chip (SoC)-VLSI Design
  14. Ran Avinun (Cadence Community Blogger)
  15. Nigel Bleasdale (Cadence Community Blogger)
  16. Thomas Bollaert (Mentor Community Blogger)
  17. Robin Bornoff (Mentor Community Blogger)
  18. Dave Brady (Mentor Community Blogger)
  19. Matthew Bromley (Cadence Community Blogger)
  20. Steven Brown (Cadence Community Blogger)
  21. Bugs Are Easy
  22. Kiran Bulusu’s Blog
  23. CAD and VLSI
  24. Steven Carlson (Cadence Community Blogger)
  25. Michael Carrell (Cadence Community Blogger)
  26. Manoj Chacko (Cadence Community Blogger)
  27. Kenneth Chang (Cadence Community Blogger)
  28. Chip101
  29. Chips and BS
  30. Chipworks Blog
  31. Karen Chow (Mentor Community Blogger)
  32. Nora Chu (Cadence Community Blogger)
  33. Christopher Clee (Cadence Community Blogger)
  34. Coaching Excellence in IC Design Teams
  35. Cool Verification (Verilab Community Blog)
  36. Kelly Cordell-Morris (Mentor Community Blogger)
  37. Thomas Costas (Cadence Community Blogger)
  38. Oliver Coudert’s Blog
  39. CriticalBlue’s Common Thread
  40. CynCity (Forte Design)
  41. DAC Fan Club
  42. Abhishek Datta (Cadence Community Blogger)
  43. Joe Davis (Mentor Community Blogger)
  44. Amit Dua (Cadence Community Blogger)
  45. Denali Memory Report
  46. Denali News
  47. Rahul Deokar (Cadence Community Blogger)
  48. David Desharnais (Cadence Community Blogger)
  49. Device Native
  50. DFT Digest
  51. Digital Electronics Blog
  52. Digital IC Design
  53. Dominion of Design
  54. Doug’s MATLAB Video Tutorials (Mathworks Community Blogger)
  55. DVClub Verification Blog
  56. Robert Dwyer (Cadence Community Blogger)
  57. EDA Blog
  58. EDA Confidential 2.0
  59. EDA DesignLine
  60. EDA Geek
  61. EDA Graffiti (see also Green Folder)
  62. EDA Tools on Fedora
  63. EDA Thoughts
  64. EDA Weekly
  65. Ed Sperling
  66. Electronic System Virtualization
  67. Eric Bogatin
  68. Jack Erickson (Cadence Community Blogger)
  69. ESL Edge
  70. The Eyes Have It (Synopsys Blogging Community)
  71. Fahrvergnügen (Synopsys Blogging Community)
  72. Simon Favre (Mentor Community Blogger)
  73. Keith Felton (Cadence Community Blogger)
  74. John Ferguson (Mentor Community Blogger)
  75. Five Computers (Verilab Community Blog)
  76. FPGA and DSP from Scratch
  77. FPGA and Structured ASIC Journal
  78. FPGA Blog
  79. FPGA Central
  80. FPGA Gurus
  81. FPGA Simulation
  82. FPGA World (in particular forums)
  83. George Frazier (Cadence Community Blogger)
  84. Jeffrey Flieder (Cadence Community Blogger)
  85. Future of Design (Synopsys Blogging Community)
  86. Gabe on EDA
  87. Dan Gardner (Mentor Community Blogger)
  88. Gary Smith EDA
  89. Ed Goldman (Mentor Community Blogger)
  90. Brad Griffin (Cadence Community Blogger)
  91. Gerald “Jerry” Grzenia Cadence Community Blogger)
  92. Hany El Hak (Cadence Community Blogger)
  93. Diego Hammerschlag (Cadence Community Blogger)
  94. Neil Hand (Cadence Community Blogger)
  95. Harnessing the Electron
  96. harry… the ASIC guy
  97. Bob Hilker (Cadence Community Blogger)
  98. Matthew Hogan (Mentor Community Blogger)
  99. Happy Holden (Mentor Community Blogger)
  100. Chi-Ping Hsu (Cadence Community Blogger)
  101. Joseph Hupcey III (Cadence Community Blogger)
  102. Industry Insights (Richard Goering / Cadence Community Blogger)
  103. IC Design and Verification Journal
  104. IDesignSpec
  105. Inside Protocol Verification
  106. IntelligentDV
  107. John Isaac (Mentor Community Blogger)
  108. Hiroshi Ishikawa (Cadence Community Blogger)
  109. Michael Jacobs (Cadence Community Blogger)
  110. Samir Jafferali (Cadence Community Blogger)
  111. JB’s Circuit
  112. John’s Semi-Blog
  113. Paul Johnston (Mentor Community Blogger)
  114. JTAG
  115. Sutirtha Kabir (Cadence Community Blogger)
  116. Michael Kelly (Cadence Community Blogger)
  117. Ken and Mike on the MATLAB Desktop (Mathworks Community Blogger)
  118. Neyaz Khan (Cadence Community Blogger)
  119. Koby’s Kaos
  120. Trisha Kristof (Cadence Community Blogger)
  121. Don Kurelich (Mentor Community Blogger)
  122. Leibson’s Law
  123. Bambuda Leung (Cadence Community Blogger)
  124. Steven Lewis (Cadence Community Blogger)
  125. Listening Post (Synopsys Blogging Community)
  126. Loren on the Art of MATLAB (Mathworks Community Blogger)
  127. Wilbur Luo (Cadence Community Blogger)
  128. Magic Blue Smoke (Synopsys Blogging Community)
  129. Edward Malloy (Cadence Community Blogger)
  130. Mannerisms
  131. Boris Marovic (Mentor Community Blogger)
  132. Jim Martens (Mentor Community Blogger)
  133. Peter McCrorie (Cadence Community Blogger)
  134. John McGeHee’s Blog
  135. Michael McNamara (Cadence Community Blogger)
  136. Soheil Modirzadeh (Cadence Community Blogger)
  137. Thomas Moore (Cadence Community Blogger)
  138. Nadav’s Tech Adventures (see also C-to-Verilog )
  139. Arvind Narayanan (Mentor Community Blogger)
  140. Daniel Nenni’s Blog
  141. David Neilson (Cadence Community Blogger)
  142. NextGenLog
  143. Ninja ASIC Verification
  144. Numetrics Insights
  145. Oasys Blog
  146. Oh, One More Thing (Verilab Community Blog)
  147. On Cores
  148. On Verification: a Software to Silicon Verification Blog (Synopsys Blogging Community)
  149. Open Electrons
  150. Richard Owen (Cadence Community Blogger)
  151. Pallab’s Place
  152. John Parry (Mentor Community Blogger)
  153. Will Partain Work Blog (Verilab Community Blog)
  154. Bassilios Petrakis (Cadence Community Blogger)
  155. Charles Pfeil (Mentor Community Blogger)
  156. Brad Pierce’s Blog (EDA Category)
  157. John Pierce (Cadence Community Blogger)
  158. PLD DesignLine
  159. Practical Chip design
  160. Pradeep Chakraborty’s Blog
  161. Power to the Masses
  162. Matthew Rardon (Cadence Community Blogger)
  163. Reconfigurable Computing
  164. Reconfigurable, Reconshmigurable (see also Impulse Accelerated Technology)
  165. RocketBlog
  166. John “Mickey” Rodriguez (Cadence Community Blogger)
  167. Sharon Rosenberg (Cadence Community Blogger)
  168. Susan Runowicz-Smith (Cadence Community Blogger)
  169. The Sandbox
  170. Michael Sanie
  171. Sanjay Srivastava’s Conversation on Innovation
  172. Robin Sarma (Cadence Community Blogger)
  173. Nazita Saye (Mentor Community Blogger)
  174. Scalable Atomicity
  175. SCDSource
  176. Screaming Circuits
  177. Seth on Simulink (Mathworks Community Blogger)
  178. Arthur Schaldenbrand (Cadence Community Blogger)
  179. Hemant Shah (Cadence Community Blogger)
  180. Adam Sherer (Cadence Community Blogger)
  181. Shrinking Violence
  182. Sigasi’s Blog
  183. Signal Integrity Tips
  184. SKMurphy
  185. The Solar Cell Corner (Synopsys Blogging Community)
  186. Sonics Blog
  187. Specman Verification
  188. Deana Spencer (Cadence Community Blogger)
  189. Sramana Mitra on Strategy
  190. Standards Game (Synopsys Blogging Community)
  191. State of EDA
  192. State of the Media
  193. Michael Stellfox (Cadence Community Blogger)
  194. Steve on Image Processing (Mathworks Community Blogger)
  195. Kari Summers (Cadence Community Blogger)
  196. Esteban Svoboda (Cadence Community Blogger)
  197. System Verification Blog
  198. Taken for Granted
  199. Wei Tan (Cadence Community Blogger)
  200. The Tao of ASICs
  201. Techdoer Times
  202. Team ESL (Cadence Community Blog)
  203. Team FED (Cadence Community Blog)
  204. Team genIES (Cadence Community Blog)
  205. Team Specman (Cadence Community Blog)
  206. Tensilica News
  207. Testbench.in
  208. Helene Thibieroz (Cadence Community Blogger)
  209. Think Verification
  210. Craig Thompson (Cadence Community Blogger)
  211. Thursday’s Child
  212. To USB or Not to USB (Synopsys Blogging Community)
  213. Tommy’s Veriblog (Verilab Community Blogger)
  214. Travelling on the Silicon Road
  215. Trusster
  216. Turning Into Jim
  217. Verification Blog
  218. Verification Guild
  219. Verification is No Simulation
  220. Verification Martial Arts (Synopsys Blogging Community)
  221. Verification Vertigo
  222. Verilab Blog
  223. View From the Top (Synopsys Blogging Community)
  224. VC Corner
  225. VLSI Home Page
  226. Colin Walls (Mentor Community Blogger)
  227. Jason Ware (Cadence Community Blogger)
  228. What’s PR Got To Do With It?
  229. Stacy Whiteman (Cadence Community Blogger)
  230. Alan Whittaker (Cadence Community Blogger)
  231. David Wiens (Mentor Community Blogger)
  232. John Wilkosz (Cadence Community Blogger)
  233. Tawna Wilsey (Cadence Community Blogger)
  234. John Wilson (Mentor Community Blogger)
  235. The Wiretap
  236. Wizards of Electromagnetism
  237. The World is Analog
  238. The Xuropean

If I have overlooked your blog or an EDA related blog that you like, please let me know. I can appreciate that this format is no longer particularly useful (not that it was really useful for only 60 blogs). I am working on some other ways to organize this information but I am also open to suggestions and offers of collaboration.

12 thoughts on “EDA Bloggers 2009”

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  3. Murph, FYI, you can clean off a few of these. Sandbox stopped with Ann Mutschler left EDN last year. Warren Savage hasn’t posted since January 29.

  4. Hi Sean,

    Thanks for the hard work!

    I have created an OPML file ( http://www.mcnally.id.au/skmurphy_eda_bloggers_2009.xml )from this list so that others can just import it in to a news aggregator e.g. Google Reader.

    The following had broken feeds (all Cadence community links): 26, 31, 45, 90, 101, 109, 111, 116, 126, 165, 191, 203, 222

    I contacted Cadence and these now appear to be working.
    These have no RSS: 54, 76, 82, 96, 138. 168, 211, 228

    404s: 98



    Thanks, the links w/o feeds point to otherwise useful reference sites that do not have a feed, except that The Wiretap does not seem to be maintained. New entries are added but not added to this main index. Warning to future readers as other blogs are added these numbers may fall out of sync. 98 – Inside Protocol Verification has been removed from the Synopsys site, for the moment I have crossed it out. I will contact the Cadence folks about their feeds. Thanks for your help./SeanM

  5. Dallas McNally

    Hi Sean, link 231 points to incorrect URL… Cheers, Dallas

    Fixed Xuropean link, thanks. /SeanM

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