Do You Want to Track 200+ Electronic Design Automation Feeds?

We are working with a semantic technology firm to develop a new portal that will track EDA related blog posts and other content announced via an RSS,  Atom, or other feed protocol . Our goal is to provide a richer level of aggregation and analysis than an RSS reader with 200 feeds offers today (see for example my list of 238 in my July 11, 2009 post “EDA Bloggers 2009“).

This is not intended to compete with any advertising supported sites, it will be a subscription service that will allow you to keep track of new blogs (including micro-blogs like twitter) and new blog posts on an ongoing basis.

If you are interested in tracking blog posts and new announcements in the design automation arena, I would like to schedule a short call to get your perspective and feedback on our plans.  You can use the contact form to reach me by phone or E-mail.

3 thoughts on “Do You Want to Track 200+ Electronic Design Automation Feeds?”

  1. An interesting idea Sean. Someone else mentioned a similar project to me not two weeks ago.

    On face value, there should be great value here….heck, we built a simple version of this on Xuropa a while ago ( But as someone said at the time, to get people out of Google Reader is difficult. Breaking/changing habits is the challenge when you’re providing “vitamins” vs “asprin”.
    Best of luck with the project, and if you want to discuss our learnings let me know.

  2. I am not aware of anyone else offering this on subscription basis. There is which has been around in for more than a year now. I have not seen anything that does entity extraction based on a domain specific taxonomy, but I suspect that we may kick of a rapid evolution if we are successful.

    Google Reader, bloglines, netvibes are all fine for following a set of blogs that you are focused on. What a lot of folks seem to want is “peripheral vision” based on finding blog posts of interest, either to maintain situational awareness, as a point of departure for a blog post (or a comment) of their own, or for scorekeeping on their branding and PR efforts. The larger EDA companies are already using sophisticated semantic tools for competitive intelligence and measuring the impact of their messaging and branding efforts. Our hope is to make a cost effective tool set available for smaller firms and individuals who want to track developments in the EDA space.

    I am always happy to learn from other folks mistakes and successes, it saves time.

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