Why Partners Are Critical

We invest a lot of effort in finding partners and maintaining partner relationships. We do this for a variety of reasons. One of the advantages to working in a large firm is that there are normally resources and expertise you can call on when confronted with a challenge. There are [...]

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Bootstrappers Breakfast Is Now a Registered Trademark

"Bootstrappers Breakfast" was registered June 23, 2009 as a trademark of SKMurphy, Inc. "For education services, namely providing live and on-line seminars, workshops, and mentoring sessions in the field of entrepreneurship." No claim is made to the exclusive right to use "breakfast" apart from "Bootstrappers Breakfast." Details as they unfold: [...]

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Conference Call on Customer Development for Entrepreneurs Thu-Jun-18

Brant Cooper and I are doing another conference call for entrepreneurs actively engaged in customer development. We facilitated one on June 3 and  have another planned for 1pm Thursday June 18. To participate, you must: be actively engaged in practicing customer development principles; clearly articulate one or two issues that [...]

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4 Spots Left for Robert Dang at Bootstrapper’s Breakfast on Friday

Robert Dang, partner and attorney at Fortis General Counsel, http://www.fortisgc.com returns to our Bootstrapper Breakfast™ this Friday, June 5 at Hobee’s Palo Alto (4224 El Camino Real) at 7:30 am. Robert will answer questions and discuss the legal issues facing entrepreneurs in today's economy. Fortis is a startup friendly firm [...]

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