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Note: this list updated to more than 200 at “EDA Bloggers 2009

Ever since EE Times laid off Richard Goering (and seemed like it was no longer committed to covering EDA) I have been meaning to map the EDA Blogosphere. When JL Gray suggested a Blogging Birds of a Feather at DAC (scheduled for Wednesday June 11 6pm in Room 201B in the Anaheim Convention Center) I volunteered to help him and Harry Gries organize it, along with David Lin and John Ford. Final details are being worked out but it looks like Steve Leibson, Grant Martin, and George Harper will also be giving 3 minute lightning talks on different aspects of blogging.

There is also an edabloggers Yahoo Group you can sign up for if you want to be notified of updates, if this one goes well we may facilitate others at appropriate EDA-related conferences.

So this event was the spur I needed to uncover about sixty bloggers covering some aspect of electronic design automation:

  1. Achilles Test
  2. Adventures in ASIC Digital Design
  3. All About EDA
  4. Amdahl’s Law
  5. Anablog
  6. Analog Insights
  7. ASIC Digital Arithmetic
  8. ASIC-System On Chip (SoC)-VLSI Design
  9. Brad Pierce’s Blog (EDA Category)
  10. Bugs Are Easy
  11. CAD and VLSI
  12. Cadence Blogging Community (many bloggers)
  13. Chips and BS
  14. Coaching Excellence in IC Design Teams
  15. Cool Verification
  16. CriticalBlue’s Common Thread
  17. Daniel Nenni’s Blog
  18. Darkling Wood
  19. Denali Memory Report
  20. Denali News
  21. Device Native
  22. DFT Digest
  23. Digital Electronics Blog
  24. Digital IC Design
  25. EDA Blog
  26. EDA Confidential 2.0
  27. EDA DesignLine
  28. EDA Geek
  29. EDA Graffiti (see also Green Folder)
  30. EDA Tools on Fedora
  31. EDA
  32. EDA Weekly
  33. Ed Sperling
  34. Eric Bogatin
  35. ESL Chat
  36. ESL Edge
  37. The Eyes Have It
  38. Five Computers
  39. FPGA and DSP from Scratch
  40. FPGA and Structured ASIC Journal
  41. FPGA Blog
  42. FPGA Central
  43. FPGA Simulation
  44. FPGA World (in particular forums)
  45. Gabe on EDA
  46. Gary Smith EDA
  47. harry… the ASIC guy
  48. Industry Insights (Richard Goering)
  49. IC Design and Verification Journal
  50. Inside Protocol Verification
  51. IntelligentDV
  52. JB’s Circuit
  53. John’s Semi-Blog
  54. JTAG
  55. Kiran Bulusu’s Blog
  56. Koby’s Kaos
  57. Leibson’s Law
  58. Magic Blue Smoke
  59. Mannerisms
  60. Michael Sanie
  61. Multicore Programming Blog
  62. Nadav’s Tech Adventures (see also C-to-Verilog )
  63. NextGenLog
  64. Ninja ASIC Verification
  65. Oh, One More Thing
  66. On Cores
  67. On Verification: a Software to Silicon Verification Blog
  68. Pallab’s Place
  69. PLD DesignLine
  70. Practical Chip design
  71. Pradeep Chakraborty’s Blog
  72. Reconfigurable Computing
  73. Reconfigurable, Reconshmigurable (see also Impulse Accelerated Technology)
  74. The Sandbox
  75. Scalable Atomicity
  76. SCDSource
  77. Screaming Circuits
  78. Shrinking
  79. Signal Integrity Tips
  80. SKMurphy
  81. Specman Verification
  82. Sramana Mitra on Strategy
  83. Standards Game
  84. State of the Media
  85. System Verification Blog
  86. Taken for Granted
  87. The Tao of ASICs
  88. Techdoer Times
  89. Tensilica News
  91. Think Verification
  92. To USB or Not to USB
  93. Travelling on the Silicon Road
  94. Trusster
  95. Turning Into Jim
  96. Verification Blog
  97. Verification Guild
  98. Verification Martial Arts
  99. Verification Vertigo
  100. Verilab Blog
  101. View From the Top
  102. VLSI Home Page
  103. The Wiretap
  104. Wizards of Microwave
  105. The World is Analog
  106. The Xuropean /

What was surprising to me was how few companies had blogs, but I suspect that will change in EDA as it already has for Software as a Service and Internet/Web companies. If your blog is not on this list (or it’s on the list and you would like it taken off) please contact me. Bloggers and those interested in learning more about blogging are welcome at the DAC Blogging Birds of a Feather Wed June 11 6pm in Room 201B. Other posts about the event:

Update June 16: I continue to add to the list almost daily as overlooked bloggers E-mail me or leave comments. My plan is to keep this list updated here for at least another two or three months.

Update July 22: I added the Cadence blogging community to the list and blogged about “What Happens When 70 EDA Blogs Become 500 in 2011.

Update Oct 13: We are planning another EDA Bloggers Birds of a Feather at ICCAD see “EDA Bloggers’ BoF at ICCAD 2008

Updated Feb-15-2009: changed to a numbered list, re-organized all of the “The …” blogs so that they were indexed by second word in title. Removed Metric Driven Verification since Blogger reports “Blog not found.” There are now more than 100 EDA related blogs.

18 thoughts on “Bloggers Covering Electronic Design Automation”

  1. Great list, Sean! But I could not help but notice one omission: ESNUG ( It may not be hosted on a blogging engine (it was started many years before the term blog was invented), but it has all of the characteristics: Periodic and insightful posts by the author/owner, active contributions and discussion from readers, many pointers to and from other sites. Oh, and more readers than the rest combined. Should it not be on your list?

  2. I do not think John Cooley would call himself a blogger, at least he has not historically.

    His wiretap pieces ( are close enough to a blog that they probably qualify, I have added it to the list. I was fooled when I was compiling the original list because his index shows his last wiretap piece being posted Aug-28-2007, but there are two pieces from list week (that point to some unique videos of presentations at DVCon) so clearly he is maintaining and updating it.

    I did leave a several very valuable sites off the list that I had mentioned in and earlier post called EET Sheds EDA Expertise: Bad News For Startups ( mainly because they were not really blogs:

    I probably overlooked several dozen more. Please let me know if you see others that should be added.

  3. Great post and great comments. I will work at converting your list of sites into an OPML file so people can just subscribe to them all. Look for that to come out at the Bids-of-a-Feather session.

    Technicalities aside, and personal feelings aside, John Cooley was the first to independently comment in any substantial way and also provide an avenue for designers to comment in the EDA industry. It pre-dated weblogs and used crude methods such as email, but the goal was the same as blogs of today. As much as I hate to admit it, to be fair, John was the first industry blogger. And this is coming from an ex-Synopsys person who sat in on corporate meetings trying to figure out how to diffuse a loose cannon called John Cooley who was running with scissors. (I hope he is not reading this.)

    John: You\’re comment about (most) corporate blogs reading like white papers is dead on. In these cases, marketing still rules the roost or at least has veto power. But the emperor has no clothes. They still think they can dress up what they are offering and peddle it to ignorant customers. But the truth is best expressed in the Cluetrain Manifesto…There are no secrets. The networked market knows more than companies do about their own products. And whether the news is good or bad, they tell everyone.

  4. Hi Sean. Actually, several major EDA companies are deep into their own blogging experiments. Problem is that many of these blogs read like white papers. Which is some of the other EDA firms have encouraged/allowed their gurus to blog on the few remaining publications that cover the EDA segment. At least, while EDA still exists as a separate segment of the larger semiconductor-electronics community.

    Look forward to meeting you at the BoF. Cheers

  5. Harry has a good point, but I\’m not sure about the marketing people ruling the roost. Most marketers in EDA come out of the engineering ranks and engineers are notorious for not wanting to share real information. What passes for information is primarily buzz words (today\’s mark for industry leading companies is 12,004 under Google news). Real marketers want to participate in the conversation but are not allowed to in most technology corporate settings. So corporate blogs end up sounding like white papers, rather than conversations.

  6. Can’t thank you enough for putting together this very comprehensive list of industry bloggers – great job Sean!

    Harry’s spot on regarding Cooley’s “proto-blog”. He used the only technology available at the time to create the best online half-duplex, pass-through filtered, informal “dialog” we had for years. He could do with an upgrade now though ;-)

    An important reality is that as an industry we’re still low on the learning curve regarding the web as a media channel and open collaboration platform. The loosening of control is counter-culture to an industry rooted in Intellectual Property. However, I have faith that what we’re doing will highlight the benefits and improve the industry as a whole – on all fronts.

    Really looking forward to the BoF meeting!

  7. Sean,

    Great list of EDA bloggers. I’ve met people at DAC who knew me only through my blog at Chip Design Magazine!

    Cooley could reduce his manual blog workload by a factor of 100X by just using a blog tool instead of compiling email messages.

    See you online.


  8. Hi, has recently launch and is aggregating all the EDA bloggers and all the industry news site into a single online resource that cover the EDA market. We are working on a bunch of new features that will help improve the users experience but feel free to email us any you might have as well to

    Let me know what you think.



  9. Great comments shared here. It was really nice blog post about Bloggers Covering Electronic Design Automation. I frequently watch this blog. Thanks for posting.

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