Quotes for Entrepreneurs – June 2008

Continuing my twitter experiment from April and May I try to select a good quote every couple of days that is applicable to the challenges of entrepreneurship.  I collect these quotes for entrepreneurs into a blog post at the end of the month. Enter your E-mail if you would like Feedburner [...]

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Tonight’s Cloud Computing Panel at VLAB

Interesting panel on "Cloud Computing: Creating Value for Web 2.0 Apps" cloud computing tonight at VLAB. Here are a couple of key things I took away: Jonathan Bryce, a co-founder at Mosso, gave the history of Rackspace's incubation of a new model that can disrupt their existing business. At a [...]

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Uncle’s Day

I heard “New World In the Morning” today and thought of my Uncle John and some of the things he used to say. “It’s generally accepted, so generally accepted, that it may not be true at all.” Which I think is particularly good advice for an entrepreneur to look beneath [...]

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