Paul Miller to Speak Future of CMP Support for EDA Companies at EDAC Wed-Sep-26

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EDAC has announced a program for Wed-Sep-26 on “The Future of Media and What it Means to EDA Companies.” So far so good, but they’ve invited the crew that laid off Richard Goering. I am much more interested in getting advice from the team that hired him. The EDAC announcement reads (links added)

Paul Miller, President of CMP’s Electronics Group will address this question and others such as:

  • Where is effective marketing going on the web?
  • How is the world of print changing?
  • What is the future of the B2B space?

Media is quickly changing how we do business. Come hear from one of the largest media companies what they are doing to address these changes, and what current advice they have for the EDA community.

I think that technology is quickly changing many businesses, including media. What’s funny is that EE Times was an on-line pioneer, putting a website up in 1994 and treating their archived articles in a way that preserved their brand by making them freely available. EE Times as a print publication runs 1/3 the page count it routinely had five or six years ago. It’s like an old friend who has now lost so much weight you no longer feel comfortable congratulating him on his diet because you fear he has cancer.

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