Amazon High Memory Instances Will Enable More EDA Apps to Move to the Cloud

Sometimes paradigms do shift. Amazon announced today that its Elastic Cloud Computing now supports high memory instances: High-Memory Instances Instances of this family offer large memory sizes for high throughput applications, including database and memory caching applications. High-Memory Double Extra Large Instance 34.2 GB of memory, 13 EC2 Compute Units [...]

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Administrivia Revisited

A blog post from October 2006 "Administrivia in Startups" made the following points I had lunch with Sylvia Nessan, a veteran of Synopsys, CoWare, and several high tech startups and she made an observation that I thought was worth writing down: the founding team, and CEO in particular, don’t pay [...]

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8 Tips for Evaluating Funding Alternatives

Many entrepreneurs planning their first software startup get stuck on funding and ownership issues. Here are some simple rules of thumb that may help you reframe an issue: Revenue, especially break even revenue, is never dilutive of your ownership. The right co-founders, while dilutive, substantially increase your chances of success: [...]

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Growing the Pie in EDA, Part 3: Add MATLAB

With Synopsys announcing Synphony, a high-level design compiler that reads in MATLAB M code and generates RTL and some other useful outputs, and Mathworks listed in Gary Smith's ESL 2009 Wallchart, I wonder if it doesn't make sense to define MATLAB as an ESL language and Mathworks as an EDA [...]

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Tip For Finding Typos

If you want to find any typos, misspellings, grammatical errors, or sentences with missing words we have found the quickest way is to take a final look at the copy after the hard copy is back from the printers. Errors that eluded your notice (and those of the client, independent [...]

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Getting Back to “Growing the Pie” in EDA

From the EDAC website "EDA Consortium News" page the last six quarters of EDA Industry Revenue announcements (all numbers in millions): Jul-3-08: Q1/08 declined 1.2% to 1350.7 vs. $1366.8 in Q1/07. Oct-9-08: Q2/08 declined 3.7% to $1357.4 vs. $1408.8 in Q2/07 Jan-12-09: Q3/08 declined 10.9% to $1258.6 vs. $1412.1 in [...]

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