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I blogged about mass E-Mails in “Please Take Me Off Of Your E-Mail Distribution List” in Sep-2007 but I got the following E-Mail recently which gave me some pause (names change to protect the repentant).

Hi Sean,

How is your summer going? Things are going great here at [XYZ Co]–in the past couple of quarters we’ve grown steadily, been featured in [Famous Magazine], and are starting to really see the benefits of adding a [Engineering Discipline] group to [XYZ Co].

The past two quarters have been fantastic for us. We grew 57% over the same time last year, and our lab in [Country A] has doubled in size. Our [Country B] labs continue to grow, and with our [Engineering Discipline] group, we’re tackling more and more projects.

In April we were recognized as the third fastest growing company in [Region] by [Another Magazine]. You can read the article here: [URL]

One of the big highs for me this summer was being featured in [A Magazine I Have Never Heard Of] in an article about [Country B] companies doing business in Silicon Valley. [Name of Someone I Know] and I spoke with writer [Writer] about our new office in California, the market opportunities, and why we think [Country B] companies have a unique advantage in California. You can read the whole article here: [URL]

Hope business is going well for you and you’re finding time for vacations this summer. If there’s anything we can ever do to help, don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

[First Name of Someone I have Never Met]

I read it one or twice and realized that it was just a horoscope, a one size fits all e-mail broadcast to get 2% of the respondents to smack their foreheads and say “Wow, I haven’t talked to  [First Name of Someone I have Never Met] at [XYZ Co.] in a while, I should call.”

I wrote back to [Name of Someone I Know]

Did you put me on this list? I think these faux personal E-mails do much more harm than good.

Better to distribute it as a newsletter where you at least acknowledge that it’s impersonal.

The first and second paragraphs are redundant and it’s all about [XYZ Co.], not any info that I can use.

He wrote back “Point taken, thanks for the feedback.”

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