Please Take Me Off Of Your Email Distribution List

“Please take me off of your email distribution list.”

This is, alas, a one line email that I now find myself sending several times a week. It’s part of my effort shrink my E-mail backlog, although I have no more hope than Canute of stemming the incoming tide, but it gives me the illusion of progress.

Please Take Me Off Of Your Email Distribution List

Just because you can send a lot of E-mail using a sales automation tool and it appears that it cost you nothing, should you?

  • There are risks to your reputation (of which you only have one) if prospects feel that you are not authentic or are willing to waste their time.
  • There are risks to lowering the trust a prospect might otherwise give you if they feel that you are not genuine.
  • There are consequences that you get added to e-mail filters so that your subsequent messages are simply deleted before they are read.

Not everything needs to be a personal communication, and a form letter in response to an inquiry is different from an unsolicited offer. I think that these E-mails that pretend to be personal but are clearly bulk–I suspect this when my name is in ALL CAPS, or I am addressed as “Dear Colleague”–actually work against any trust the sender is (or should be) trying to build with me as a prospect. What I am objecting to is not a newsletter that is sent with an unsubscribe link–“it is what it is”–but mass produced E-mail generated from a database that attempts to be personal but clearly isn’t.

We use services like 123Signup and iContact because they have strong anti-spam policies and they include an unsubscribe link in every email.

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