Three Most Popular Posts So Far

We have a little over 400 posts up on the blog since we started with "Welcome Entrepreneurs" on October 1, 2006. I thought I would offer some guidance to newer readers on which have been the most popular. I have looked at popularity through three lenses: feed clickthroughs, unique page [...]

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Douglas Partner’s LinkedIn Workshop

I attended a great Douglas Partner's workshop this week. I have always been a believer in the power of a good LinkedIn profile.  Our experience is that your website and your LinkedIn profile will be used for reference checks by people you meet. I use LinkedIn as a combination on-line [...]

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Protecting Your Invention – Topic for Upcoming Breakfast

Bootstrappers Breakfast(TM) announces Pete Tormey "the Patent Guy" ( as invited guest to discuss when you need a patent and tips for getting one. Patents provide an important competitive advantage, and young companies need to develop an understanding of patents to maintain this competitive advantage.Bootstrappers Breakfast will meet at Omega [...]

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Marketing Consultants Forum at CNSV

I took part in the Marketing Consultant's forum at CNSV tonight as a panelist, joining Ahmet Alpdemir, Brian Berg, and Peter Salmon. The slides are on the CNSV site at My focus was on "Cultivating Communities to Get More Customers." I addressed joining a community with the objective of becoming [...]

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EDAC CEO Forecast for 2009

I attended the EDAC 2009 CEO forecast tonight and what follows are some quick impressions. I got there just as the event started and the Lincoln High School String Quartet was playing one of the Brandenburg concertos, and playing it very well. Room J at the San Jose convention center [...]

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Looking Down the Money Trail at CSPA

I attended CSPA's "Looking Down the Money Trail" tonight at Pilsbury in Palo Alto. Pilsbury hosts a number of entrepreneur oriented events and tonight their room was overflowing. One reason was that the event had a stellar panel: Steve Bengston, Managing Director of Emerging Company Services (ECS), PricewaterhouseCoopers Prashant Shah, [...]

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A Good LinkedIn Profile Is Important

One of the things that we always review with founders is their LinkedIn profile. It's important for a several reasons: Prospects will check it either before they contact you or as they are doing more background checking on your company. The testimonials that are posted there have authenticated authorship and [...]

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Measuring 2008 Goals

It is that time a year again. Where we look at what we did and what do we want to get done next year. A couple of key things we gone done this year: Refine Business Dashboard Develop speaker page with audio for our website Expanded our network of consultant [...]

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Welcome to 2009

Believe me when I say that we have a difficult time ahead of us. But if we are to be prepared for it, we must first shed our fear of it. I stand before you now, truthfully, unafraid. Because I believe something you do not? No! I stand here because [...]

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