Three Most Popular Posts So Far

We have a little over 400 posts up on the blog since we started with “Welcome Entrepreneurs” on October 1, 2006. I thought I would offer some guidance to newer readers on which have been the most popular. I have looked at popularity through three lenses: feed clickthroughs, unique page views, and total page views.

Based on feed clickthroughs (in theory selected by regular readers, perhaps influenced by the title):

  1. Nov-26-2007: Planning Will Save a Software Startup Money
  2. Aug-25-2008: Three Tests for Negotiating a Software Deal
  3. Sep-10-2008: Good Blogging is Good Linking

Based on Unique Page Views (in theory the most popular among all readers)

  1. Dec-4-2008 We Don’t Encourage Individuals to Form a Startup
  2. May-28-2008 Bloggers Covering Electronic Design Automation
  3. Oct-4-2007 Benefits of SaaS Model

And one more based on total Page Views (some folks must have read this more than once).

1 thought on “Three Most Popular Posts So Far”

  1. Hi Sean,

    Thank you very much for doing this. I had only started following your blog less than a year ago so I had not had a chance to delve into the archives. I found particular interest and value in the SaaS post and in exploring some of the links in that post (and links form those posts).

    Good stuff.


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