Quotes for Entrepreneurs – December 2008

I like to collect quotes. I think these are particularly appropriate quotes for entrepreneurs--your mileage may vary. I post them first on http://twitter.com/skmurphy and summarize them once a month, older blog posts about quotes are available at www.skmurphy.com/blog/category/quotes/ Enter your E-mail if you would like Feedburner to deliver new blog [...]

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Prediction: Angel Investing Down in 2009

I was still mulling over the implications of yesterday's briefing by Nate Burgess when I came across "Prediction: Angel investing in 2009 will be up?" by Alexander Muse on the Texas Startup blog. Briefly his thesis is: The angel investment market hovers around $12 billion each year.  I predict that [...]

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Bob Lewis on Progress and Economizing vs. Cost Cutting

"Contentment comes from wanting what you have, Ambition from wanting what the other person has, Progress from wanting what nobody has." Bob Lewis "Random Thoughts" Bob Lewis writes the "Keeping the Joint Running" E-mail newsletter, devoted to practical advice for leading IT organizations effectively. From his column "In General, a [...]

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