2008: Year-End Review of Client Metrics

I am doing end of the year status for clients. I thought it would useful to share the best case numbers as well as the worst case numbers. We had a fun year working in the areas of banking & financial services, cloud computing, consulting, EDA, health care services, medical devices & services, search & text analytics, solar & renewable energy and team productivity tools.

Best Case Worst Case
Lead Generation
Mailing List Growth 593% 22%
Mails to List 55 1
Website Visits 120% 15%
Web Presence in Google 182% 27%
Inbound Links 8100% 40%
Website Grades 17 to 63 74 to 76
Press Releases 5 1
New Partners & Advisors 3 0
Joint Partner Announcements 43 2
Events 6 0
Marketing Material
Whitepapers, articles, blog post, website pages, success stories 17 3
Revenue $723K $0 – not a full year$8K

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