Three Answers We Need Before We Will Use a New Productivity App

  1. Do You Have a Pricing Model?
    We use many web applications to run our business and deliver services. Often our clients are also users of the application. If the application has a problem our clients hold us accountable. We need to see a commitment to support and 24×7 operation. If we are paying for it, we can normally get someone answer our e-mails and phone calls. We will start an evaluation if the pricing has not been worked out, but we won’t use it with clients.
  2. Can We Get All of Our Data Back Out of the System in a Useful Format?
    And then delete it from the system. If we can’t get our data out in a format that’s portable to other tools/systems then we won’t want to start an evaluation. HTML, Excel (e.g. CSV), and SVG are three good export formats.
  3. Is The Beta Application or Contact Request Acknowledged Within Two Days?
    If they are going to take longer than this to get back to me when they want my business what will they be like when they have my money.
    • Make it clear you will send me a e-mail with what I put in the form so I don’t have to cut and paste to save a copy.
    • Don’t send me a quiz asking what I am willing to do to promote the application before I have seen and worked with it.

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