A Good LinkedIn Profile Is Important

One of the things that we always review with founders is their LinkedIn profile. It’s important for a several reasons:

  1. Prospects will check it either before they contact you or as they are doing more background checking on your company.
  2. The testimonials that are posted there have authenticated authorship and should also be posted on your website.
  3. It’s a convenient mechanism for reconnecting with old co-workers and other folks you have had prior shared success with.

MB Deans is offering a good three part workshop on this Thursday January 15 at the Courtyard Marriott in Los Altos (4320 El Camino Real, Los Altos, CA 94022) for job seekers that will also be useful for bootstrappers:

  1. LinkedIn and Beyond: Building Your Job Hunt Strategy with LinkedIn and Facebook
  2. Blockbuster Profiles: Write One That Will Have Recruiters Calling You
  3. I’m on LinkedIn: Now What? Get the Next Steps to Success

If that time or location is not convenient she is offering three more later this month:

4 thoughts on “A Good LinkedIn Profile Is Important”

  1. LinkedIn is a great resource and a solid arm of any job hunting strategy. The great thing about LinkedIn is you can then import your profile into other more targeted platforms that are not just about job hunting. This saves time and you only have one profile to maintain.

    That’s what we have over Xuropa.

  2. So, Sean, you’re the one getting everybody using LinkedIn!!! I was wondering why I had received so many invitations to connect in the last month or so.

    Seriously, I credit the economy (what else) for “encouraging” people to start networking proactively using tools like LinkedIn. I have indeed received many more invitations recently.

    LinkedIn is great in that it really is for professionals and a trusted source. I don’t contact anyone I don’t know personally until I’ve checked him/her out on LinkedIn (recruiter, sales person, potential client/partner).

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