Protecting Your Invention – Topic for Upcoming Breakfast

Bootstrappers Breakfast(TM) announces Pete Tormey “the Patent Guy” ( as invited guest to discuss when you need a patent and tips for getting one. Patents provide an important competitive advantage, and young companies need to develop an understanding of patents to maintain this competitive advantage.Bootstrappers Breakfast will meet at Omega Restaurant in Milpitas, Feb. 13, 2009 at 7:30-9am. Mr. Tormey will give a short 5-10 introduction to set the table for a roundtable discussion on protecting inventions. Bootstrappers Breakfast brings together leading entrepreneurs who eat problems for breakfast and are serious about growing their business.

“Pete Tormey is a registered patent agent who specializes in providing patents for Software, Electronics, Life Science Instrumentation and Business Methods. Action Patents is a great website with a lot of practical advice. He has a number of excellent podcasts — take a listen to Patent Basics for a great example — where he speaks in very clear and practical language about patent related legal and invention issues,” said Sean Murphy, CEO of SKMurphy.

About Action Patents

Action Patents provides fast affordable patent protection to young companies and entrepreneurs. As an experienced entrepreneur, Mr. Tormey is rare among patent agents and attorneys because he provides solid financial analysis on the value of patents before recommending patent protection. Mr. Tormey has an MBA in Marketing from St. Mary’s College in California, and a BS Electronic Engineering from San Francisco State University. He practices exclusively before the US Patent Office.

About Bootstrappers Breakfasts

Bootstrappers Breakfasts are for founders of early-stage startups. It is a chance to compare notes on operational, development, and business issues with peers. These breakfasts were designed for entrepreneurs to share ideas and leverage thoughts with other folks who are serious about growing their business. With a promise of serious conversations with other entrepreneurs who eat problems for breakfast, they meet in the back room at several Silicon Valley restaurants. The first breakfast was held at Coco’s in the heart of Silicon Valley in 2005. Since that time, they have grown to multiple locations throughout the Bay Area. The newest one is now at Red Rock Coffee in Mountain View. For the full schedule of breakfasts, please visit

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