Pete Tormey and I decided to do a podcast to address a number of team formation, business formation, and early revenue issues that we have seen in our own startups, in our practices, or hear questions about at the various Bootstrapper Breakfasts® meetings we take part in.

Pete is a serial entrepreneur and patent attorney with Antero Tormey. He co-moderates the Bootstrapper Breakfast group that meets the first Wednesday of the month at Boudin Bakery in Embarcadero 4 in San Francisco. We walk around a number of issues around mistakes that break teams up early or plant the seeds that kill a startup later on.

Or download Conversation with Pete Tormey Forming a Team, Dividing Equity, and Gaining Early Traction [PT130515] (MP3) 43 minutes long

We plan to do another podcast next month, if you have questions you would like to here addressed or want to take part please leave a comment or use the contact form.