Podcast with Pete Tormey on Forming a Team, Dividing Equity, and Gaining Early Traction

Pete Tormey and I decided to do a podcast to address a number of team formation, business formation, and early revenue issues that we have seen in our own startups, in our practices, or hear questions about at the various Bootstrapper Breakfasts® meetings we take part in.

Pete is a serial entrepreneur and patent attorney with Antero Tormey. He co-moderates the Bootstrapper Breakfast group that meets the first Wednesday of the month at Boudin Bakery in Embarcadero 4 in San Francisco. We walk around a number of issues around mistakes that break teams up early or plant the seeds that kill a startup later on.

Or download Conversation with Pete Tormey Forming a Team, Dividing Equity, and Gaining Early Traction [PT130515] (MP3) 43 minutes long

We plan to do another podcast next month, if you have questions you would like to here addressed or want to take part please leave a comment or use the contact form.

4 thoughts on “Podcast with Pete Tormey on Forming a Team, Dividing Equity, and Gaining Early Traction”

  1. steve wasiura

    i just had a setback in my startup which highlighted the fact that I am lacking certain skills needed for an Entrepreneurial leader / CEO.

    In the podcast, approx 36 minutes in, you mention there are certain characteristics of an Entrepreneur / business owner / startup founder.

    I would like to hear more of that discussed in detail, so I can form goals to aim for, to improve my abilities through learning and practicing those essential skill sets.

    I’ve read somewhere that you should focus on your strengths and outsource your weaknesses, but as a startup founder needing to wear many hats, there must be a certain level of competence you can aim for to keep the boat afloat in the early days until you get enough capital to hire the right people for those seats.

    Even trading time or services or equity, you still need to know and understand basic levels of competence around what is required so you can make the right hiring decision when the time comes.

    Thank you.

  2. Steve, this is a great question, in the next podcast Pete and I will offer some suggestions on identifying your strengths and learning how to delegate effectively.

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