EDAC CEO Forecast for 2009

I attended the EDAC 2009 CEO forecast tonight and what follows are some quick impressions.

Rick Carlson's picture from Verific website I got there just as the event started and the Lincoln High School String Quartet was playing one of the Brandenburg concertos, and playing it very well. Room J at the San Jose convention center has an 18′  high ceiling which gave the music an ethereal quality. I ran into Rick Carlson, who was one of the founders of EDAC–Dave Millman being his partner in crime, you would think you could learn that from the EDAC website–and someone I have done a lot of business with when I was on the “buy side” at various semiconductor and systems houses. I said to Rick, “Oh no, I’ve been in a fatal car crash and you must be one of the five people I meet in EDA Heaven.” It had been too long since I had seen him last and I always appreciate his informed perspective on the industry.

Update March 3: Slides, audio, and video are available at http://www.edac.org/events09/ceoForecast/ceoSlides.jsp

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