Lean Software & Systems Conference Recap

I came across an interesting conference going on today that seems related to tomorrow’s Startup Lessons Learned Conference: the Lean Software & Systems Conference with a hashtag #lssc10. It looks like this is the second year and last year it was held in Miami in 2009. It’s managed by the Lean Software and Systems Consortium.

Don Reinertsen gave the keynote on “The Easy Road to FLOW Goes through a Town named LEAN.” He is co-author (with Preston Smith) of “Developing Products in Half the Time” and “Managing the Design Factory: The Product Developers Toolkit” and more recently “The Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development.” I last blogged about him in 2008 “Don Reinertsen: Priorities Are The Last Refuge of the Innumerate.

I will track blog posts for this conference through the end of May, it looks like it may be addressing many of the same lean software development principles that the SLLConf folks are trying to implement in their startups.

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