SVCC 2010 “Will Work For Equity” Startup CEO Panel Members

I mentioned on August 12  in “Signup For ‘Will Work For Equity’ at Silicon Valley Code Camp” that I had submitted the following session  for this year’s Silicon Valley Code Camp (Oct 9-10 at Foothill College):

Will Work For Equity – the World Startups

Are you considering joining a startup? Sean Murphy, CEO at SKMurphy,  will host a panel outlining important tips and issues to consider if you are investing your time in a startup.  This session will explore: difference between employees, contractors, alliances, partners and co-owners; defining the key roles in a startup; what partners need from you; how to pitch to a co-founder.

I can now announce the panel of three startup CEOs who will offer their perspectives on the issues and answer questions from the audience.

  • Peter Hoffman CEO of Interactive Mobile Solutions. IMS helps event planners enhance their attendees’ conference experience through an innovative, mobile technology solution called ConferenceConnect. Peter has over 25 years of creating and directing conferences and leadership symposiums in education, non-profit and corporate environments. Most recently he was Senior Manager for Apple Higher Education Advocacy and Leadership. Peter has also held positions as Vice President of Events and Marketing for the Community College Foundation and Executive Director for the Ohlone College Foundation.
  • Merc Martinelli CEO of Verdafero. Verdafero Inc. has developed a SaaS platform that can be used for sustainability planning, energy efficiency and carbon management services for small and medium enterprise businesses. Merc is an experienced tech executive who previously worked at Cisco Systems where he led the new product introduction department within the multi-billion dollar Enterprise Line of Business. Earlier in his career he held leadership positions at KLA Instruments and was a pilot in the USAF.
  • Matt Cameron CEO of Corporate Catapult. Matt is a native of New Zealand (they even have colour TV there now) currently residing in San Francisco. He started his first business at 25 (a food delivery service) and is now on his fourth start-up: Corporate Catapult Inc, a career acceleration tool that is presently in private alpha. On occasion he will admit to having also worked for Hewlett-Packard, Wang, IBM and EDS in sales roles. Most recently, Matt was employee #6 for Asia as Regional Sales Director.

This will be an interesting panel if enough folks vote to include it in the final program. Vote here.

2 thoughts on “SVCC 2010 “Will Work For Equity” Startup CEO Panel Members”

  1. We need a simple model to help us properly slice the pie. It needs to be flexible and fair. By fair I mean it needs to give each founder what they deserve. And by flexible I mean it needs to adapt over time to re-allocate the startup equity so that the distribution stays fair until the fledgling company takes flight.

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