Sean Murphy to Moderate Panel “Will Work for Equity – the World of Startups” at Silicon Valley Code Camp 2010

EVENT ADVISORY for San Jose, CA – Sean Murphy, CEO at SKMurphy, will host the "Will Work For Equity - the World of Startups" panel discussion at the 2010 Silicon Valley Code Camp at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA.  The panel will outline important tips and issues to consider [...]

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Mavericks, Iconoclasts, Dropouts and Misfits

"The truth is, start-up-land is littered with mavericks, iconoclasts, dropouts, and misfits." Sramana Mitra in "The Real VCs of Silicon Valley" Entrepreneurship is Involuntary I have come to the conclusion that most entrepreneurship is involuntary. Either someone is an entrepreneur from the time they are young, which was my personal [...]

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The Limits of Legal Self-Help

Every bootstrapper has a limited budget for attorney's fees. Attorneys can help you foresee problems and craft contract language, which looks remarkably similar to English but is in fact code that is executed by the legal system. Use them to protect valuable assets--intellectual property, source code, revenue streams--not create them. [...]

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3 Equations & 3 Unkowns: Target Customer is Key Initial Value

I mentioned in "3 Equations 3 Unknowns:  Customers, Features, and Message" that we spend a lot of time on the early customer stage. It requires very different sales style than you'll see later on. It's a conversational sales style. It's much more about understanding the problem. You’re trying to solve [...]

Take a Minute to Recall 9 Years Ago

I apologize for this detour from our exploration of entrepreneurial issues, but this anniversary of my complete confusion is one that I continue to observe, still attempting almost a decade later to make sense of it. I am old enough to remember what I was doing when I learned that [...]

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How We Help You Explore Whether to Hire Us

My interview with Gabriel Weinberg has inspired a number of entrepreneurs to contact us about getting our help with their early customer acquisition issues. I thought I would outline briefly how we help them get to know us better. We work one or more of your issues with you in [...]

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Gabriel Weinberg Interviews Me For His Traction Book

Gabriel Weinberg is a serial entrepreneur (latest startup: DuckDuckGo), a Hacker Angel, insightful blogger, and frequent contributor to Hacker News. He is writing a book on how startups get traction and interviewing folks like Patrick McKenzie, Jimmy Wales, and Paul English to collect lessons learned from a variety of perspectives. [...]

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