Bootstrapping Mightyverse Talk at Sep-1 Breakfast in SF

Sarah Allen will talk about bootstrapping a mobile startup at the  Bootstrapper’s Breakfast Wednesday September 1 at 9am at Boudin Bakery, Embarcadero 4 in San Francisco. Sarah is a serial entrepreneur who is using her  software development consulting business, Blazing Cloud, to bootstrap a mobile-focused startup, Mightyverse. The Mightyverse blog [...]

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Feed Readers De-Mystified at Sep-23 Lunch & Learn Webinar

I will be giving a short presentation on  "Feed Readers De-Mystified--Tips For Keeping Informed" at the September 23 Lunch & Learn Webinar hosted by People on the Go. Cost: No Charge When: Thursday, September 23, 2010 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM PDT Register: I will outline some important ways [...]

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Ed Weissman on B2B Opportunities for Startups Part 2

Ed Weissman (edw519 on HN) had another  great comment recently on Hacker News at that builds on "Ed Weissman on B2B Opportunities for Startups" (I have added some hyperlinks for context) Enterprise software sucks. We don’t talk about it much here at HN, but think about it. Every man-made [...]

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Compelling Demos

Second Derivative’s Great Demo! seminar on September 15, 2010 helps frustrated sales, marketing and presales professionals and entrepreneurs improve their skills and gain dramatic results. Peter Cohan helps organizations like Keynote Systems and Phreesia put the “Wow!” into their demos to make them crisp, compelling and successful. “I believe everyone [...]

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Keep on Walking

My brother told me about "The Man Who Walked Around the World," a 2009 long form commercial for Johnnie Walker that was part of their Keep on Walking campaign. It stars Robert Carlyle in a six minute single take.  I am not a scotch drinker but I found Carlyle's delivery [...]

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