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Second Derivative’s Great Demo! seminar on September 15, 2010 helps frustrated sales, marketing and presales professionals and entrepreneurs improve their skills and gain dramatic results. Peter Cohan helps organizations like Keynote Systems and Phreesia put the “Wow!” into their demos to make them crisp, compelling and successful.

“I believe everyone on the team will find that your training and demo workflow has been extremely effective – we are confident that we’ve closed business directly as a result of applying Great Demo! practices. The Sales Engineers started using what they learned in the training and were amazed at the results! Their respective Account Managers were so amazed they all went out and bought the book, now we will be doing a training for the whole sales force!” reported Robert Hughes, Global Director of Solution Consulting at Keynote Systems, the leading provider of on-demand test and measurement products for mobile communications and the Internet.

“Peter Cohan’s Great Demo method really works. It helped us win DEMOgod, and it has allowed us to explain our offering much more clearly to prospects.” Chaim Indig, CEO, of Phreesia, the leader in patient check-in, with a network of thousands of clinicians nationwide.

Co-sponsored by SKMurphy, Inc., the Great Demo! Workshop is now available in an open enrollment format. These workshops are perfect for individuals looking for sales and demo skills training.

During the full day Workshop at the Moorpark Hotel in San Jose, California, Peter Cohan will present tips and best practices for demos whether face to face, in a webinar, as a screencast, or as a self-running demo.

This highly interactive, practice-driven training class outlines a framework for the creation and delivery of improved demos and presentations to enable increased success in the marketing, sales, and deployment of software and related products. Attendees can also bring their demo and have it critiqued.

Limited spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis. To reserve a seat in the seminar visit

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Peter Cohan, Principal at The Second Derivative

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Peter Cohan is the founder and a principal of The Second Derivative, a consultancy focused on helping software organizations improve their sales and marketing results. In July 2004, he enabled and began moderating DemoGurus®, a community web exchange dedicated to helping sales and marketing teams improve their software demonstrations. In 2003, he authored Great Demo!, a book that provides methods to create and execute compelling demonstrations. The 2nd edition of Great Demo! was published March 2005.

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