Bootstrapping Mightyverse Talk at Sep-1 Breakfast in SF

steaming hot coffee and serious conversationSarah Allen will talk about bootstrapping a mobile startup at the  Bootstrapper’s Breakfast Wednesday September 1 at 9am at Boudin Bakery, Embarcadero 4 in San Francisco. Sarah is a serial entrepreneur who is using her  software development consulting business, Blazing Cloud, to bootstrap a mobile-focused startup, Mightyverse.

The Mightyverse blog offers this overview of the service:

Mightyverse is for people interested in language. We are building a database of words, phrases, and sentences translated from one language to another, including jokes, slang, lyrics, localisms, technical terms — anything you can imagine expressing.

Earlier Sarah was one of the co-founders of CoSA, The Company of Science & Art. The founders consulted part-time using their own software libraries to bootstrap a product business. This led to the creation of After Effects (acquired by Aldus, and subsequently Adobe).

When:  9am to 10:30am
Where: Boudin Bakery, Embarcadero 4

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