Feed Readers De-Mystified at Sep-23 Lunch & Learn Webinar

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I will be giving a short presentation on  “Feed Readers De-Mystified–Tips For Keeping Informed” at the September 23 Lunch & Learn Webinar hosted by People on the Go.

I will outline some important ways to monitor information about your business and industry on the web. The web has become the primary medium of business communication and information gathering: it is imperative that you learn to monitor new developments and relevant events for your job or business. We will explore a range of tools and time saving tips to keep abreast within your industry of clients, competitors, and relevant developments. This session will explore:

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This is a great overview by Dorai, I like his his five phase model for intelligence gathering and will address the first two–discovery and tracking–in my presentation:

There are about five stages in this process. This is a spiral model where you continuously enhance/refine every step based on what you learn from other steps.

  1. Discovery – Discovering Relevant sources of Information
  2. Tracking – Continuously monitoring these sources and discovering more in the process.
  3. Filtering – Filtering the noise and gaining the information most relevant to your business
  4. Extracting – Transforming information from free form into some kind of useful structure to distribute internally.
  5. Sharing – Sharing information at different levels of granularity, refining it and deriving actionable intelligence.

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