Entrepreneurs Are Nonconformists

“In high school, popularity is more important than anywhere else, but popularity is not a measure of likability.

Popularity is composed of three elements: visibility, recognizability and influence.

The people in school who have those three qualities are often that way because they conform to a standard. Meanwhile, the kids who won’t or can’t conform are the ones who are left out. Nonconformity is a wonderful trait, and it’s going to be valued in adulthood.

If you’re different in school, that makes you an outsider. If you’re different as an adult, that makes you interesting, fun and often successful.”

Alexandra Robbins interviewed in Salon

Food for thought as budding entrepreneurs aspire to social network celebrity in our “please retweet this” world. Entrepreneurs are nonconformists.

“Do something different or expect the same results.”
Susannah Breslin

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